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Players’ Lounge is a wagering platform for gamers cofounded by Austin Woolridge, Zach Dixon, and Dan Delaney.

Using Players’ Lounge, gamers can place bets on matches they’re playing against others. Users can play in solo head-to-head matches, tournament formats, or with friends to win real money. Players’ Lounge connects players to an opponent with the tap of a button, and our users are earning millions of dollars in prizes every month in The Lounge.

Growing up, we loved competitive gaming. From old-school LAN parties to online FIFA matches in college.

After graduation, we realized that something was missing from our lives: the connection and excitement of competitive gaming. We started hosting FIFA tournaments at bars across the tri-state area to connect with other people who loved competitive gaming as much as we did.

It became clear that there was a massive market of casual-- yet competitive --gamers ready to wager, but no infrastructure for them to connect and compete in an easy and trustworthy way…

So, we built it and called it Players’ Lounge.

Today there are over 350 million adult gamers playing online, and only a small percentage are earning money from streaming or pro-gaming.

Players’ Lounge offers those that aren’t already pro gamers or streamers the opportunity to raise the stakes and walk away with some cold hard cash.

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